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Luxury Tours Ireland 2014 – A guide

January 14th, 2014

Welcome to our Executive Hire’s first news article for 2014. We had a great year in 2013 in terms of the numbers of clients and the quality of the tours they enjoyed as our Vacations Testimonials page illustrates.  There were a number of significant factors and developments last year. As previously mentioned, The Gathering was a great success. It sparked the imagination of the Irish community at home and abroad, bringing life to Irish Towns and bringing Irish towns to life, thanks to so many oversees Irish, friends and lovers of the Emerald Isle visiting this beautiful country they are proud to call home.  Now that The Gathering has come and gone, it leaves in its wake a ‘can do’ attitude and approach by both local communities and the tourism industry at large, if nothing else came of The Gathering, then that much alone will be deemed a successful return.


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