Finding the Real Ireland in 2014!

Discover the REAL Ireland


If you have poured over your vacation plans with family and friends and decided your coming to Ireland, then you’re going to want to know how to get the best bang for your buck and see the Real Ireland.


Maybe the best place to start is to define what the real Ireland is. In short it’s a combination of a beautiful unflinchingly green landscape and her people who share a symbiotic relationship with this very landscape. It is often said that it’s the people that make a place, but here on an island that is blessed with Atlantic character and lush countryside the people don’t have to try too hard, but yet that’s the point…they do. It won’t be long in to your Irish Vacation before you realise this. For sure, as you’d expect the staff will be helpful and friendly everywhere you go, but beyond that, you’ll see how everyone you meet is helpful and happy to see you. The fact that there is almost 8 billion people on the planet serves only as a challenge for Irish people to try and make a link or a connection to you and yours. ‘Your from San Diego? My Great Grandad used to work in the old Carnegie Library there’ …would be a typical response, in the optimistic hope that you could connect with this somehow or someway. Before you know it, your making friends for life!


There are different ways to carve up Ireland in terms of taking between 1 and 2 weeks on a typical Irish site seeing vacation to get a fulsome appreciation for Ireland. Some numbers worth crunching are: 32 counties, 4 provinces, 2 sides to the river Shannon, 30,000 Castles and Ruins, and of course 6 million people. We can’t get to know them all in one tour vacation but at Executive Tours Ireland, we have a number of suggested vacations that are designed to work with you on your airport of choice, even if you arrive in one and depart from another. We pride ourselves on giving you an optimal amount of key site-seeing opportunities and a minimal amount of road miles. Our tours set out activities for each day whether on any of our 7 day, 10 day, 12 day or 14 day tours of Ireland.  However, you can customize to suit your arrangements. We recently helped a client find a long lost childhood friend, so our private driver fitted in a journey to allow what was an emotional and special reunion. Each of our tours are available in either 4 star or 5 star accommodation options. And because you can customize, you can go between 4 and 5 star if you like!


At Executive Tours our signature 7 Day Tour of Ireland is available with options to arrive and depart from Shannon Airport, you can fly in and out of Dublin Airport, or you can fly into one and out of the other – which ever suits!  Either way we’ll have an action packed vacation of a lifetime in between. The Shannon based 7 Day Tour features attractions local to Shannon such as The Cliffs of Moher, and BunrattyCastle and FolkPark. We stop off in Killarney for a few nights where we experience so much of what Killarney has to offer: TorcFalls, Ladies View, Lakes of Killarney and Ross Castle. We also venture out to discover the Gap of Dunloe, the famous Slea Head and DinglePeninsula drives. We also take in some of Corks greatest offerings, namely BlarneyCastle and Stone, and the Jameson’s Whiskey factory in Midleton. Before we finish this dream luxury tour, we take in Ireland’s most beautiful village Adare and then onto nearby Limerick City, Ireland’s designated Capital of Culture 2014.


The 7 Day Tour of Ireland can as mentioned be flexible in terms of flying into and out of Dublin and Shannon – you tell us your flight arrangements and we’ll work the vacation route to suit.  While we don’t get to sample the Cork based attractions mentioned above when including Dublin and Shannon Airports on the 7 day tour you do get to see some of Dublin’s famous tourist spots that have made it famous around the world. These include  Kilmainham Gaol, TrinityCollege, St Patrick’s Cathedral, the Guinness Storehouse, The National Library, and in case you were disappointed to be missing the Jameson’s factory in Cork…there’s one in Dublin too so fear not!!  Again, we have preferred partner status in a range of 4 and 5 star accommodation so we can secure you unbeatable value over the duration of your stay.


The 7 Day Tour in and out of Dublin Airport option takes in the Dublin based attractions mentioned above and then goes Southwards on Day 3 via Adare Village in County Limerick, on the way to Killarney where we spend typically two nights. Here we enjoy all of Killarney’s attractions such as TorcFalls, Muckross House and Ross Castle as well as experiencing the Slea Head and Dingle Peninsula Drives. On day 5 we leave Co Kerry for Cork so we can visit BlarneyCastle and Blarney Woollen Mills. Got the gift of the gab? That’s what you get if you kiss the famous Blarney Stone!  When we go back to Dublin we go via the medieval town Cashel which has the famous ‘Rock of Cashel’ as its centrepiece. We sign out the tour with a visit to Howth, a beautiful fishing village in North County Dublin, and we’ll line up a special restaurant for you here.


If you have a little longer you can fit most of what is offered above between those three trips in the 10 day Tour of Ireland. The main difference is that we usually fit in a visit to Kinsale which is a most attractive fishing village where the buildings have as much colour and charm as the local characters who run their restaurants and craft shops. The 12 day Tour affords you all the time you need in Dublin, Killarney, Cork and Adare to really immerse yourself in everything. Same for the 14 day Tour and this goes a step further to introduce you to Northern Ireland, the extra two nights are spent in Belfast affording us visits to Belfast cultural attractions and shopping, as well as the famous Giants Causeway and Dunluce Castle.  One of my own favourites is stopping off at Newgrange on the way back to Dublin.  This is a most unusual and unique passage tomb that is an ancient temple of astrological, spiritual and religious importance.


No matter what Tour of Ireland you chose, we’ll make it the vacation of a lifetime for you. We put the hard yards in before you even get here so all you need to do is relax, unwind and enjoy. Our drivers are to our mind the best in the business, and our testimonials bear this out. Our fleet is all-Mercedes and we have minibuses or sedan vehicles to suit your touring party. We offer a Toll Free line (US & Canada) at 1 888 793 0416, or from anywhere else at + 353 (0)87 7930447, call Mike today and see how we can help you achieve that dream opportunity and find your Real Ireland. Thanks for reading!