Planning your Golf Tour of Ireland 2012

Golf Tours Ireland 2012

Your standing square to the small ball, you eye the lush green grass on which it nestles snugly just for now. You draw back your club the way your coach told you to, this is it, down comes your controlled swing, sweet piece connecting perfectly with the ball, making that special sound, the one that already makes you comfortable before your eye even catches up with the ball’s trajectory. Now for the really good bit….the ball is in the middle the line of site between you and a dramatic challenging green, back dropped by an historical Castle, flanked by wild rough on one side and dominated on the other by an even wilder ocean. Yes, you are Emerald Isle side of the broad Atlantic Ocean.

The sea-breeze fills up your senses, the green surroundings and friendly locals both gently impress your whereabouts upon you. It’s Ireland of the thousand welcomes, and what better way to mark 2012 than with that Golf Tour of Ireland both you and your golf game will benefit so much from. Your golf game will surely improve and culture as you become adept at managing the elements around those world renowned gems like Lahinch, Old Head, Waterville, Adare, Portrush, Portmarnock and Doonbeg to name but a few. Your mind and soul will benefit from a week in all the mystical and magical surroundings Irelands towns, shops, pubs, Castles, scenic attractions and world famous warm atmosphere have to offer.

We at Executive Tours Ireland hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are busy getting ready for our friend in his big red coat but we’re also busy planning once in a lifetime dream golf tours of Ireland for our many clients. Mike Ryan wants to be your man on the ground to give you a perfect glitch free experience. We have set out a Southwest Golf Tour Ireland, and a Southwest and East Golf Tour Ireland, and not forgetting of course the ability to work with you on your preferences through a Customized Golf Tour of Ireland. Whichever option suits you, we can collect you at your airport of choice and chauffeur you to your accommodation. You might be staying at Adare Manor or Dromoland Castle, we’ll take care of you all week long with your personal private driver who will chauffeur you from hotel to golf course and back each day. For those of you travelling who have preferences other than golf, we will be delighted to cater for every need whether it be shopping in sleepy Irish towns like Adare, or visiting the Cliffs of Moher, or Jameson’s Whiskey Distillery. At Executive Tours Ireland, we know that the right Private Driver and a quality Car Service can be one of the factors that ‘makes’ a trip for one and all.

Please take a minute to browse our dedicated Golf Tours Ireland section and feel free to call Mike any time, toll free from US and Canada at 1 888 793 0416, or +353 (0)87 793 0447, Thanks for reading folks, hope to hear from you soon,

Mike Ryan

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