Playing Adare – An Irish Golf Vacation Must

One of the things that makes an Irish golf trip is that you don’t just play the course, you soak up its environs and enjoy the hospitality, the scenery and the people that make it a golf ‘plus’experience. That is why Adare features so strongly on our Southwest Ireland Golf Tour and our Golf Tours Ireland 2015 Special Offer which is presently running.  So today as I write, I am taking a little break from our recent blogs on outstanding links courses, to focus on the one parkland course that always makes it to out planned Irish Golf Vacations as well as our customized golf tours Ireland wide. I could talk all day about Adare as a visitor experience and never even get to its lush parkland championship course of distinction but to achieve the more of the latter we have to do a little of the former!

Adare – Play dream golf in Ireland’s ‘Golden Vale’

One of the traits or hallmarks of the courses Executive Hire takes our clients to is that the course, links or Parkland must be designed by a ‘name’, a real chart topper in the world of golf course design. That Adare is designed by Robert Trent Jones Senior is just the start of the story. What the great man had to work with would be the envy of any golf course designer. Adare and her magnificent patchwork surroundings are part of what we call the ‘Golden Vale’. This is the fillet of Ireland’s dairy farming identifiable by her (as the name suggests) golden green, rich and rolling pastures that are seemingly stitched together by the Rivers Maigue, and Blackwater and their collective tributaries. These rivers and valleys drain the Aherlow and Galtee mountains and glens, not just in County Limerick, but also Cork and Tipperary. At the heart of all of that is the traditional market town of Adare, known to all as Ireland’s prettiest village.

Adare, picturesque quaint Ireland

Adare is lined with thatched cottages, flanked by three friaries of historic importance, and adorned with boutique arts and crafts shops, milliners and restaurants and cafes of distinction. Adare is home to both the Dunraven Arms Hotel and Adare Manor, both accommodations that we at Executive Tours Ireland use frequently as County Limerick provides the logical place to base oneself for an Irish Golf vacation package. It is close to Ireland’s friendliest international airport, Shannon, and just as close to maybe six or seven golf courses that make Ireland’s top ten, and further a-field too no doubt. But perhaps its best party piece is the golf course itself within the illustrious country estate of Adare Manor.

The Irish Open Golf Tournament

As an award winning course, Adare is no stranger to pro action. The Irish Open resided here in 2007 and 2008, with Irish favourite Padraig Harrington winning in front of home fans in 2007. In fact his score that year was five under, and the score the following year was ten under. No Irish Open winning scores have been so low since, and this goes to prove how challenging this place is. So satisfied was Trent Jones with his creation that he described the first hole here at Adare as golf’s hardest opening hole. While the 4th might be seen as an easy 120 yard par three to get a score on, you might as well because the 5th hole a ‘testy’ par 4 is sure to bite back at you. By the time you get your putter out you may be feeling like its been a day at the beach with water and sand awaiting inaccurate strikes. But a straight and long drive, maybe a little to the left will leave you in the best possible position to think about an approach shot. Same on the 8th, long and accurate off the tee is a good start and half the job on another low index par four. The front nine here plays quite a bit longer than the back nine but that wont make things any easier. The par four tenth is a beautiful vista as the Maigue graces the full length of the hole. But yet again, a long accurate tee shot will allow you the elevation you need in your approach shot to land and sit between the big sand traps that hug hungrily to the green.

Adare manor Golf Club

An Irish Golf Vacation Challenge

Everybody loves and respects the par three 11th. It too is flanked by the Maigue but it’s a clear and present danger this time. Hopefully the tree lined fairways have honed your straight driving by now. Any misdemeanour here will give you a short stay as a lumberjack or a fisherman! But don’t fret too much if you are a fader of the ball, your chance comes on the dog legs of 12 and 15. 12 is a par 5 and a fade here will allow you to aim for the danger trees and bunker so that you end up in the middle with good line of site to the green. 15 is a par 4, short enough that a natural fader will have a real chance to birdie here. Start your tee shot to follow the curve of the long meandering Maigue to your right and you’ll have a manageable approach shot with the trees on the left taken out of the equation. This is one of the holes that affords beautiful views of the Manor itself.  If the 1st was described as one of golf’ hardest opening holes, the 18th at Adare Golf Club must be one of the finest and graceful finishing holes. This par 5 runs along the Maigue in full force between two bends. There is space for anyone with a preference for all things of a ‘lefterly’ direction in life to go a wondering not once but twice here. But if you think going right is right, you could be wrong there too. There’s more water out there, and trees too so keep it straight and hopefully you can enjoy this beautiful hole without it haunting your card.

Chauffeur Driven Golf Transport Fleet

We’ll be sure to make time after the golf to absorb some of the fine attractions in this must see village that is everything you’ve seen on the typical Irish post card. The visitor center here sells knitwear, old Limerick lace and other crafts that you can have sent home for yourself or the misfortunes who couldn’t join you on what we will have been endeavouring to make the vacation of a lifetime. To see just how good we are at making our clients Ireland Golf vacations dream golf experiences, please take a minute to view what our clients have been saying about us on Trip advisor. Whether our clients or coming for golf, private site seeing tours or both, our approach is the same. We customize your vacation to suit your preferences. What is always a constant, is that we chauffeur you in your own private luxury Mercedes  vehicle. Our Mercedes Viano minibuses are tailored for golfers needs with long wheel bases, facing seats, Wi-Fi, refreshments aboard and of course the best tour guides in Ireland at the wheel. You can view what our clients say about out tour guides on our testimonials page.


Stunning Adare Manor Co. Limerick Ireland

Our fleet of luxury Mercedes at Adare Manor

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the beautiful Adare golf club and course. It features on our South West Golf Tours Ireland offering which is customizable. Also, right now its part of our 2015 Golf Tours Ireland Special Offer which affords you and your family or friends the luxury of either a five star room per person or if travelling as couples, an upgraded suite, at Limerick’s amazing 5 Star Savoy Hotel. Here, you are right in the heart of our beautiful ‘lady’ city which is currently Irish Capital of Culture. For any further enquiries you can call us toll free at 1 888 793 0416, best wishes, Mike Ryan

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