Some tips on Booking your Ireland Golf Vacations

Consider these items when planning your Ireland Golf Vacation Packages

Ireland has a wonderful history of golf behind its 300 + golf courses and links. Irish people have a special connection with their golf owing much to the natural suitability of her green lushness and also to her long on-running list of golf pros and personalities. All of this has crystallised in recent times with so many quality golfers scaling the highs of pro golf such as McIlroy, Clarke, Harrington and Co at a time when her courses are enjoying unprecedented renown.

1 – Premium Golf Tours and Vacations – Among Worlds Best

Ireland has long been a golf destination for the discerning golfing tourist, not just because of the quality of the golf course and links infrastructure but also because of so many, links in particular being situated and intrinsically part of towns which are in their own right major driver of Ireland’s tourist industry.  Waterville, Ballybunion, Adare, Old Head,  Lahinch and Royal Portrush come to mind.  So it’s worth remembering that the people of Irish Golf and behind Ireland Golf Vacations as a product offering, see their service as a premium one. So, if you have a discerning eye for what makes a golf trip or golf tour a once in a lifetime opportunity then you’re in the right place. You can expect Golf courses and associated services to be of the top echelon of what is on offer world-wide.

2 – Year round Golf

While Ireland may have a reputation for rain, it equally has a reputation for being green!  Some courses close briefly from time to time if water logging occurs but even on such a rare occasion, usually many holes are open for play.  But in effect nearly all courses stay open 12 months of the year and are delighted to welcome you and your family and friends.

3 – Luxury Accommodation

The second thing to remember that Ireland’s tourism infrastructure is world class and is equally at home defaulting towards the premium end of the market as it is towards the value proposition.  Right now in teh current economic climate, you can have it each way better than ever.  You can stay in a choice of 5 Star historical Castles and contemporary Hotels with excellent yet friendly service with restaurant and bar choice that we believe usually far exceeds expectations. Click here for some sample accommodation that we at Executive Hire offer for our South West Golf Tours Ireland.

Dromoland Castle Ideal venue for Ireland Golf Trips

Dromoland Castle Ideal venue for Ireland Golf Trips

4 – Other Luxury Tour Activities

You can expect that when coming to Ireland, you can sample or indulge in a range of activities for when you’re ready to take a break from the golf course, or indeed for those among you who may not be golfers but want an equally active and fulfilling vacation.  We regularly book our clients falconry experiences, premium shopping trips, distillery and brewery tours and tastings and horse riding to name a few.  Mike Ryan and team always make it their business to ensure all members of your family or small group tour meet up together in the restaurant at the end of the day in good time to share tales of the day’s experiences, be that golf, shopping, horse riding…or all of the above as has sometimes been the case!

5 – Flexibility and Service

If you are going to any other country, particularly for the first time, you want to know that things are going to be smooth and easy.  You’ll find that Ireland is exceptionally flexible in this regard.  Your preferred tee times, tour itinerary and last-minute requirements will be dealt with patiently and professionally. Executive Tours Ireland will make sure that we work closely with you well in advance of your arrival as well as while we have the pleasure of your company here. We know that it’s very often those small things that make the difference between a super golf vacation and a lifetime highlight.

6 – Tourists are welcome

We love to welcome tourists and hear all about where they come from and what life is like where you live! We have a strange habit of trying to see if we know someone you know, sure there is only 8 billion of us on the planet after all! You’ll generally find your Irish hosts will go well far out of their way to help you find yours.  You may get more information than you bargained for but it all helps.  It’s easy to change currency as high street banks are widely available throughout Ireland, as are additional financial services.  Commission rates are very competitive by default, but I’m afraid the exchange rate is outside our control in Executive Hire!  One thing for sure is that it ought to be good for one of us!

So there you have a quick overview of some things worth considering when booking any Ireland Golf Vacation Packages. We’re Toll Free at 1888 793 0416 from US and Canada and from Ireland & Europe its +353 (0) 87 793 0447 We’d love to hear from you, we take calls 24/7

Thanks for reading all, Mike Ryan

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