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One of the most important things to us at Executive Hire is giving our clients a personal service with a special touch. Having a Toll Free number is just one of the many little things that make up what we hope is a personal service to our clients. A lovely gentleman called the other day to say he was recommended by his friend to use ourselves for his family vacation in Ireland later this year. He was anxious to see for himself and asked me on the phone to give me ‘3 good reasons why I would book a family vacation in Ireland for with Executive Hire’. Most people who know me know that I’m never caught short for words, and this was no different. In fact here was an open invitation if I needed one to share all of the positive attributes of what has been our passion at Executive Hire for the last decade. I could have given 20 reasons for sure but he asked a simple question so I gave a simple answer, much like this:


#1 We are a family business with a personal approach

Whether your on a honeymoon vacation, a small group tour or a family tour, it makes sense to work with a family business who themselves are sensitive to the importance of, and nuances of a family vacation. Very often with our clients our Ireland family vacations tours are those most special and once in a lifetime opportunity for the family to be together in a very special way that is unique to them. They can be tracing routes, visiting family birth places, celebrating 50 years of marriage and it could be a honeymoon tour! Siobhan, myself and our colleagues offer a genuinely warm personable approach that keeps clients coming back and has done for years. I’m talking about that real Irish friendly, generous and considerate approach. It usually starts on the phone where we can begin to understand your needs and customize your vacation the way you want. We get to know each other before you even arrive, and you know with peace of mind that you’ll be in safe hands. Our chauffeur driver guides are the nicest bunch of fellas you’d ever meet. As you’d expect they are all qualified, and immaculately presented but what I want to say here is that they are so knowledgeable, great fun, and flexible to your needs. Little wonder they are regarded as the best chauffeurs in Ireland. They save you on queues, get you the best restaurant seats, know the best pubs for a sing-song, you name it! So much so that we seem to have made a lovely habit of unearthing old friends and places of family interest to our clients which is often the making of what becomes that ‘once in a lifetime vacation’. Probably best to have a read of our testimonials page or indeed our TripAdvisor page because this type of thing is an article in itself and really warrants some reading if you have a minute.

Mike and guests 470 240

#2 Luxury fleet

For the last ten years our fleet of luxury Mercedes vehicles has been lovingly maintained to standards that set us apart. Mike has become something of a resident expert on coach building and the ingredients that make the perfect vehicle for your family tour in Ireland, so sensitive is he to the needs and wants of his customers. He loves to tell the story of how the Coach building company tried to sell him automatic doors on his latest vehicle, but he declined, remembering instead another Tour Operators vehicle which wouldn’t open on a wet day last April to let the holiday makers back in! Nothing wrong with a bit of ‘old school’ sometimes. Whether you are a honeymoon tour, a family vacation or a small group tour, we have a Mercedes vehicle that is just right for you. Either way, you’ll have on-board Wi-Fi with no-fuss access, refreshments and of course a luxury interior that befits your vacation. Our mini busses are equipped with DVD players and monitors. If your booking now, ask me for one of the new vehicles I’m taking ‘delivery of. There is a new Mercedes S Class in silver, so classy and ideal for an intimate couple vacation, and also a New Mercedes Sprinter, ideal for a family vacation or small group tour of up to 12 passengers. You never know you might be lucky! Other fleet models in the stable include our stalwart Mercedes Viano Minibuses which are ideal for golf vacations and family groups of up to 6 people.


Mercedes Sprinter, The Perfect vehicle for Golf Tours Ireland

Mercedes Sprinter, The Perfect vehicle for Golf Tours Ireland

#3 Customized Vacations Ireland – Our know how and expertise

OK, so you’ve got a week, ten days, or however much time. You look at the map and you say I want to shop in Dublin, do Whiskey Tours, explore Killarney, see how they make Guinness, walk around Adare, I want to kiss the Blarney stone, dine in Kinsale, play some golf in Ballybunion, eat seafood in Dingle, visit Trinity College, the Rock of Cashel, check out where my people hail from….ok so you see where I’m going here. Of course you’d be like a kid in a sweetshop at the prospect of a one week Ireland vacation. For us, part of the art is to create a custom site seeing vacation or custom Irish golf tour for your family vacation that makes sense. When I say árt’by that I mean we do things that other tour operators in Ireland don’t do. We’ll collect you at one airport and leave you off at a different one, that’s an extra day of exploring right there! In between times, our knowledgeable chauffeurs will efficiently get you to your priority attractions in a way that means least time on the road and more time soaking up the real Irish people and attractions that you dream of. We specialize in getting you our preferred rates in 4 and/or 5 star luxury accommodation. Sometimes we save our clients so much money over what they had budgeted on it means they can really treat themselves and stay in a Castle Hotel such as Adare Manor or Dromoland Castle, both just outside the wonderful medieval City of Limerick, 2014 City of Culture. So the point is we will take your itinerary shopping list for all the family and make it happen in the most magical way, but yet in a way that will be as relaxing as it is enjoyable.

Custom Tours Ireland

So there you have it, he said three reasons, and I think I got 20 reasons into the 3 parts of my answer, well, I did say I’m not one to be caught short for words. If you’re interested in Golf we are still running our Golf Tours Ireland 2015 Special Offer. This entitles you to an upgraded stay at Limerick Savoy 5 star hotel, while playing what for my money are the best combination of 6 golf courses anywhere in Ireland or Britain. Limerick City is right in the middle of them all and we’ll take such pleasure in sharing them with you in an easy clover leaf fashion leaving you exhilarated but not exhausted. Thanks for reading, call us anytime (toll Free US/Canada) at 1888 793 0416 or from anywhere else in the world at +353 (0)87 793 0447

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