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If you are looking for luxury family tours Ireland packages that are packed full of fun activities for you and your family, then why not discover Ireland through an Irish Castle Tours.

Do you remember when you were a little child playing dress-up and pretending that you were a princess or prince in a magical make-believe land? Your imagination swept you away to a magical castle full of jesters and dragons. I’m sure your little gentries do exactly the same thing now! So, why not turn your little ones fantasies into reality by treating them to a mythical and enchanting Irish Castle Tour… And if you really want to make it a family vacation in Ireland fit for a king (or queen), then why not have you and your family stay at a castle hotel?

There are so many wonderful child friendly places to visit in Ireland that will transport your little adventurers into another magical, mystical world & fill their imaginations to the brim with memories that will last a lifetime.

When it comes to castles, Ireland is the land of plenty, so to save you time, we have selected a few of our favourite Irish Castle Tours that we know you will enjoy with your family on a private tour of Ireland.


Driver Guided Tours Ireland

Bunratty Castle & Folk Park

I believe that this is by far the most authentic and fascinating medieval castle fortress in the southwest of Ireland and a must see on any Private Tour of Ireland. It is probably one of the best examples of 15th century life in an Irish Castle. It was built in 1425 & used as a Viking trading camp before being restored to its former splendour in 1954. It is adorned in 15th & 16th century furnishings, tapestries & paintings which exquisitely illustrate those times.

Visit Bunratty Castle as part of a luxury family tours in ireland

Visit Bunratty Castle as part of a luxury family tours in ireland

The castle is accompanied by a magical & enchanting  26 acre, 30 building folk park that meanders around the castle grounds. The village streets will bring you on a 19th century, enchanting journey through farmhouses, a post office, a school, a doctors house, a hardware shop, a printers & the famous McNamara’s pub. The village recreates dwellings in an incredible way as they would have appeared at the time. The castle offers a traditional castle banquet three times a day that includes traditional 15th century foods that are eaten by hand.


King John’s Castle

This is truly one of Limerick’s most magnificent medieval castles. It is the frankly one of the most fun, family friendly castles in Ireland as it accurately displays Norman soldier’s life through re-enactments from fully costumed guides. Your family will love it. As you tour the castle, you and your family will learn all about King John, the brother of Richard the LionHeart, a character with whom your children will be familiar from books & movies about Robinhood and the Knights’ of the Round Table.

uxury small group tours of ireland - Kings John's Castle

uxury small group tours of ireland – Kings John’s Castle

The structure of King John’s Castle was considered to set new standards in the unique construction of it gargantuan gate house, battlements and corner towers. You will be brought on a journey through the soldier’s quarters and armoury and view the medieval garrison remains in the Sallyport area of the castle. The castle leads to a number of Viking origin houses that were unearthed during restoration some years ago. In the early 1690’s, the Williamite sieges led to the signing of the Treaty of Limerick and in it honor, the Treaty Stone was erected on the opposite side of the bridge, visible from the castle grounds.


Ross Castle

Ross Castle is renowned as a prime example of an Irish Chieftain Stronghold during the Middle Ages. It is believed to have been built in the late 15th century by an O’Donoughe Ross Chieftain. There is a famous Irish legend that says O’Donoughue remains in a deep sleep under the Lough Leane. On the very first morning of May, every seven years, O’Donoughue rises from the lake on his splendid white horse and circles the lake. Now, the legend also states that if anyone is lucky enough to see him, they will be guaranteed good fortune for the rest of their lives. Now wouldn’t that be something to tell the children to watch out for???

uxury small group tours of ireland - Ross Castle

luxury family vacations ireland – Ross Castle

The castle sits on the edge of Killarney Lake and is encased in a defensive wall known as a ‘bawn’, which is protected by magnificent circular towers. The castle is furnished with 16th and 17th century oak pieces which sum up the lifestyle of its dwellers at that time.


Deluxe Tours of Ireland

If that wasn’t enough, there are also family friendly Castle Hotels at which you and your family can stay. Can you imagine the excitement of your kids driving up to the front door of a REAL castle and being told they will be sleeping in a castle? Imagine no more!

Ireland has a massive selection of castle hotels but for your convenience we have selected a few family friendly favorites for you to enjoy!


Dromoland Castle

Dromoland Castle is a real treat for families on luxury small group tours of Ireland. It was the home of the Kings of Thomond, the Dromoland O’Brien’s. As you meander through the breathtaking hallways & grand staircases & stroll through the magnificently rooms, you will see that they are filled with ornate furnishing, magnificent chandeliers and opulent fireplaces with blazing log fires.

family friendly vacations ireland - Dromoland Castle

family friendly vacations ireland – Dromoland Castle

The estate boasts 400 acres surrounded by impressive woodland which is the home of many woodland animals including foxes, hares, rabbit, deer and pheasant. As you stole through the estate you and your family can feed the ducks or enjoy a boat out on the spectacular lake.

There is always something for the family to enjoy. The estate has its own golf club and a relaxing spa for you to enjoy.


Ashford Castle

Ashford castle is a five-star castle hotel nestled on 350 acres on the breathtaking shores of Lough Corrib. It is famous for its French style chateau originally owned by the De Burgo Stronghold but changed hands to Sir Richard Bingham. Within the wall of this magnificent 350 acre castle estate, there are elegant rooms & dining rooms.

Ashford Castle is jammed packed with family friendly activities to suit all interests including horse-riding, fishing and a nine-hole golf course. What better way to enjoy a regal stay at the Ashford castle than to visit the magnificent cinema room gently filled with elegant velvet chairs, impressive screen and plenty of leg room for you and your family to enjoy.

Private Driver Tours of Ireland - Ashford Castle

Private Driver Tours of Ireland – Ashford Castle

Ireland is the land of magic, folklore & leprechauns with an endless supply of outstanding family centred Irish Castle Tours. Ireland is know as the ‘Emerald Isle’  because of its lush green land. What a lot of people don’t know is that Ireland’s green appearance is made by our Atlantic rain fall. One thing we all know is that rain makes rainbows and in Ireland that means only one thing, hours and hours of fun with the kids, seeking out pots of gold at their feet.


Private Driver Tours of Ireland

No Deluxe Tours of Ireland would be complete without one of our Private Driver Tour Guides.

Your Driver…Our private driver tour guides have been with us right from the start and are some of the best guides in the country with a vast knowledge of our beautiful country, castles and restaurants.

What sets them apart from the rest is how extremely friendly and flexible they are. Our private drivers in Ireland will guide, inform and entertain you and your family and will leave no stone unturned to ensure you get to experience your luxury family vacation in Ireland in a very special way.

Our drivers can recommend and reserve the best restaurants in Ireland. The warmth of the Irish people will become clear the minute you see our driers waiting to greet you with the biggest smile.

Chauffeur Driver Guided Transport Ireland

Chauffeur Driver Guided Transport Ireland

Your Vehicle…To complete your family vacation in Ireland, our fleet consists of luxury Mercedes Sprinter buses which mean you and your family can enjoy plenty of storage for prams and equipment. Our vehicles come with leather seats, air-con in every seat, tables, DVD’s & screens, wifi and a USB connection so that your phone is always fully charged. Of course, our vehicles would not be complete without a large fridge.

So why not treat your family to a luxury family vacation in Ireland and make their dreams a reality. If you book now, you can avail of our Thanksgiving 2015 Special Offer which offers you $500 off transportation costs for Customized Vacations in Ireland booked with Executive Hire between now and Thursday the 26th of November – Thanksgiving Day 2015. Better still – if you book on Thanksgiving day itself and call Mike and tell him what you’re having to drink, he will give you a 15% discount!

So why wait, book today to ensure your Family Tours Ireland in 2016!!!!


All the best,


Mike Ryan

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